we think beautiful

we’re a tech and marketing team working hard to bring successful outcomes and tranquility to the people and organisations we work with.
we help make change happen, beautifully.

What would they tell you

What we do for them

website + webapp + digital marketing

main website + countries websites

Shopify + digital marketing

seems we started yesterday but

WTB just turned 9

We launched as a consulting company.

Helping our customers with their digital marketing strategy and with their choices regarding web design and technologies.

We transitioned through the years, adding more and more competences, ending up designing and building websites, web apps and apps ourselves.

Today, we feel the need to rethink WTB, obviously we had to get rid of our ‘old’ website and restart from a blank page.

So everything you see here is temporary (and will ever be, we iterate, a lot, improve, learn, do, undo, redo, it’s who we are).

We kept a few ongoing things, just so we can show to people who don’t know us.

And of course we will add new stuff on a regular basis.

But enough about us, what about you?

What do you need help with?


probably the best eCommerce platform on the market today, our first choice for you.


the safest and most reliable open source CMS, thanks to it's huge community.


website, app, webapp, we help you choose and build the tools you need, no more, no less.


you probably think colors, fonts, UI maybe, we add UX, marketing and conversions.

Inbound Marketing

the most efficient way to get noticed, we can teach you and help you implement it.


video is the fastest growing media out there, you probably need it, we can do it.

Paid Search, Social

you need your content to drive fast results. Help your future customers find you.

Your Contacts

rue de Livourne 36
1000 Brussels
+32 02 544 06 08


Manon Lemoine

hello, contact me if you need help with your Web or your marketing

Brussels, Paris, Lille


Lorenzo Contarini

CIAO, I'm here to help with your Web or if you have any audiovisual issue

Brussels, Roma

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