embracing the perpetual startup mindset,

we continue to innovate

initially founded as a consulting firm -many years ago-, we aided clients with digital marketing strategies and steered them in web design and technology decisions.

our growth led to the expansion of our expertise, allowing us to design and build websites, web apps, and apps ourselves.

incorporating artificial intelligence into our repertoire, we've further enhanced the services we offer.

with the desire to consistently reevaluate WTB, we occasionally shed the 'old' and start (almost) from scratch.

this dynamic approach means that everything you see here is, and will always be, transient; we persistently iterate, develop, learn, execute, undo, and redo – it's the core of our identity.

meet the core

wtb.agency team Manon

Manon L.


wtb.agency team Fabrice

Fabrice F.

data, ai, marketing.

wtb.agency team Michael

Michael M.

tech head.

wtb.agency team Morgane

Morgane M.

customer success,
marketing, content.

wtb.agency team Lorenzo

Lorenzo C.

key account manager,
UE & UN entities