it seems we started yesterday but

we're turning 13

We launched as a consulting company.

Helping our customers with their digital marketing strategy and with their choices regarding web design and technologies.

We transitioned through the years, adding more and more competences, ending up designing and building websites, web apps and apps ourselves.

We regularly feel the need to rethink WTB, therefore we occasionally get rid of the 'old' stuff and start from (almost) scratch.

So everything you see here is and will always be transitory; we iterate a lot, develop, learn, do, undo, redo; it's who we are.

Meet the team

wtb team fabrice

Fabrice F.

data, marketing, technology.

wtb team manon

Manon L.

creative director, business development.

wtb team michael

Michael M.

tech head.

wtb team morgane

Morgane M.

marketing assistant.

wtb team lorenzo

Lorenzo C.

key account manager,
UE & UN entities