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wtb.agency Brussels-Paris-Madrid-Bangkok Team Manon

Manon L.


wtb.agency Brussels-Paris-Madrid-Bangkok Team Michael

Michael M.

tech head.

wtb.agency Brussels-Paris-Madrid-Bangkok Team Fabrice

Fabrice F.D.

AI, data, digital marketing.

wtb.agency Brussels-Paris-Madrid-Bangkok Team Morgane

Morgane M.

customer success,
marketing, content.

wtb.agency Brussels-Paris-Madrid-Bangkok Team Lorenzo

Lorenzo C.

key account manager,
UE & UN entities.

wtb.agency Brussels-Paris-Madrid-Bangkok Team Inoro Raven

Inoro Raven

AI entity,
content creation.

Nurturing a relentless startup ethos,

we never stop evolving.

Our digital playground is a living entity—always in beta. Expect some rough edges as we polish the user experience.

Originally launched in Brussels in 2009 as a boutique consultancy, wtb.agency —also known as We Think Beautiful— has guided businesses through the complexities of e-commerce, digital marketing strategies, web design, and tech choices.

Our organic growth has propelled us into new terrains. Today, we're not just consultants; we're creators, designing and constructing websites, web apps, and mobile apps ourselves.

Deepening our skill set, we've harnessed the power of artificial intelligence to amplify the value of our services, affirming our position as a forward-thinking digital agency.

Adding to our adaptive DNA, wtb.agency's core ensemble consists of individuals highly skilled in a range of disciplines, digital strategists, UX designers, data analysts, AI specialists, content creators, Shopify and marketing mavens. This tight-knit group serves as the heartbeat of our digital agency, ensuring every project is meticulously executed while reflecting a deep, nuanced understanding of the landscape.

Our geographical reach extends far beyond Brussels. We have team members operating from key global cities including Paris, Rome, and recently Madrid and Bangkok. This international tapestry not only enriches our cultural sensitivity but also amplifies our understanding of local markets and consumer behaviors. It's a strategic advantage that allows us to provide uniquely tailored solutions, wherever you are in the world.

But brilliance doesn't operate in a vacuum. To keep our edge razor-sharp and to offer a kaleidoscope of perspectives, we maintain an ever-expanding pool of specialized talents across domains that matter to us. Whether it's emerging technologies, SEO nuances, or the latest in content strategy, we continually enrich this talent reservoir. This enables us to tap into up-to-date skills and divergent viewpoints on-demand, fortifying our position as a dynamic, endlessly adaptable Shopify, marketing and digital agency.

wtb.agency isn't set in stone; it's more like water—always flowing, never stagnant. We're not afraid to cast off outdated elements to reimagine ourselves anew.

This fluid philosophy means what you're seeing here is perpetually in flux. We're in a constant state of iteration, development, experimentation, execution, retraction, and reinvention. This isn't just what we do; it's who we are.

collaboration opportunities

Are you an A-rated talent in your field? We're always on the lookout for experts like you to join us on a variety of exciting projects. All our collaborations are project-based, giving you the freedom to contribute when it fits into your schedule.

Shopify Development

Are you a whiz at Shopify themes, apps, or migrations? We've got a project for you.

Data & Analytics

Excel at data wrangling or predictive analytics? Let's turn data into actionable insights together.

AI & Tech

Is machine learning or system architecture your forte? We have cutting-edge projects that need your skills.

Content & Design

Can you craft compelling stories or design intuitive user experiences? We're interested in what you can bring to the table.

Manon of wtb.agency

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