Our web application is designed to connect effortlessly with your Shopify site, providing you with a smooth and integrated management of your B2B orders.

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Shopify B2B Solution by wtb.agency | Bee2Bee

Boost your sales with Bee2Bee and Shopify

Imagine a B2B platform specially designed to integrate seamlessly with your existing Shopify ecosystem, without the cost of a Shopify Plus subscription. That's exactly what Bee2Bee offers you.

Centralized Management

Efficiently manage your B2C and B2B inventory, set pricing policies, modify or correct your orders, and automatically issue and send your B2B invoices, all without the need for a Shopify Plus subscription.

Visual Identity

Our Bee2Bee interface is fully customizable. Create a space that reflects your brand's identity, providing your professional customers with a reassuring, simple, and efficient purchasing experience.

Dedicated Support

Our team is here to make integrating and using Bee2Bee as easy as possible through comprehensive onboarding. You'll also benefit from support that includes maintenance, regular updates, and technical assistance.

Shopify B2B Solution by wtb.agency | Bee2Bee


Designed to meet the unique needs of B2B.

Item Price Management.

Minimum Quantities Per Item.

Custom Discounts for Each Customer.

B2B / B2C Inventory Synchronization.

Order Scheduling.

Conditional Order Taking.

These features have been designed to meet the demands of the most meticulous sectors, including the food industry, which requires precision and speed.

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