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Coco Donuts - Scaling Artisanal Donuts with Shopify

Overview of the Merchant and Their Business

Coco Donuts, born in 2016 in the heart of Belgium, embarked on a quest to redefine the donut landscape. Their unique vision centered around the creation of small batches of 24-hour raised brioche donuts, meticulously handcrafted to provide the ultimate artisanal donut experience.

Unlike the stereotypical American fast-food-style donuts, Coco Donuts distinguishes itself through a commitment to using organic and locally-sourced ingredients, an expression of their unwavering dedication to offering the highest quality products.

Every component, from homemade oreos to luscious marshmallows and delicate petit beurre biscuits, is prepared in-house to showcase their innovation with a distinct Belgian touch.

Each morning at Janson, their donuts come to life, freshly handcrafted, inviting donut enthusiasts to savor an exceptional treat.

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Project & Challenge

In the transformative year of 2020, Coco Donuts, a relatively young company with audacious aspirations, reached a pivotal juncture in its journey. Seeking to propel its growth to new heights, the company sought a significant change.

The answer lay in transitioning from a static showcase website to a dynamic e-commerce platform, a strategic move designed to amplify their presence, enhance customer awareness, and fuel business expansion.

However, the challenge extended beyond just shifting to e-commerce. It encompassed the centralization of sales and the dissemination of order preparation information to both in-store teams and the kitchen staff.

The endeavor was not just about creating an online sales channel; it was about streamlining operations and making information more transparent and comprehensible across all facets of the business.

Moreover, Coco Donuts aimed to replicate the delightful in-store experience online by offering a variety of donut boxes with distinct flavors. This required the creation of an online platform that would not only cater to diverse customer preferences but also recreate the rich, multisensory experience that patrons had grown to love in their physical stores.

It was a multifaceted challenge that encompassed the fusion of technology, logistics, and a dedication to delivering the essence of Coco Donuts' artisanal creations to a broader audience.

Their journey didn't stop there. We embarked on another ambitious mission, which is currently ongoing: the creation of a dedicated B2B sales space. The aim is to provide a streamlined platform for B2B transactions, simplifying the purchasing process for resellers and professional customers, thus strengthening relationships with business clients. The main challenge was to recreate the easy interface B2C customers have with Shopify.

Solutions to the Challenge

In response to the unique requirements presented by Coco Donuts, we opted for a comprehensive solution centered around the Shopify platform. Shopify's inherent flexibility became the cornerstone upon which we crafted an online presence that resonated with the essence of Coco Donuts: colorful, elegant, and irresistibly delicious.

A Multi-Location Ecosystem

One of Shopify's key advantages lay in its support for multiple store locations. We implemented a pickup and delivery module, enabling customers to select their preferred method with ease.

Real-Time Information Flow

To enhance operational efficiency, we devised a real-time information exchange system. A custom-built counter, developed thanks to the Shopify API, ensured that kitchen and store teams remained well-informed about incoming orders.

Tailor-Made Product Selection

One of the standout features of our solution was the incorporation of special product customization within the Shopify interface. We designed this feature to allow customers the freedom to craft their ideal boxes of delectables, from donuts to cookies and cronuts.

Dedicated B2B Module

As part of our comprehensive solution, we tapped into Shopify's powerful API to develop a 100% tailor-made B2B module. This module streamlined sales to professionals, businesses, and stores.
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Highlights of the Work Conducted

In response to Coco Donuts' unique requirements, our digital agency embarked on a transformative project, centered around the Shopify platform. This endeavor aimed to address a set of challenges and provide innovative solutions that would elevate Coco Donuts' online presence and operations.

Shopify Platform Integration

To overcome the challenge of transitioning from a static showcase site to a dynamic e-commerce platform, we harnessed Shopify's flexibility to redesign Coco Donuts' website. This allowed for an engaging shopping experience that resonated with their vibrant brand identity.

Pickup & Delivery Setup

In response to the need for convenient in-store pickups and local deliveries, we leveraged Shopify's support for multiple store locations. This enabled us to establish user-friendly options for customers to choose between pickup or delivery. For in-store pickups, we introduced a collection point system in both of Coco Donuts' Brussels locations, ensuring seamless and convenient order retrieval. For local deliveries, we established a tiered cost structure based on distance, providing customers with a flexible and transparent pricing model.

Real-Time Information Flow

Addressing the requirement for streamlined operations and enhanced communication between the kitchen and store teams, we introduced a real-time information exchange system. This was achieved by developing a custom counter. This real-time data empowered them to strategize and optimize production and logistics. The result was a more streamlined and responsive approach to fulfilling customer demands.

Product Customization

To replicate the in-store experience online, we utilized Shopify to create a unique product customization feature. This personalized approach empowered patrons to mix and match their preferred flavors, delivering a unique and mouth watering experience that resonated with Coco Donuts' standards.

B2B Sales Module

To facilitate sales to resellers, businesses, and stores, we tapped into the power of the Shopify API to develop a fully customized B2B module. This module provided a streamlined interface for B2B clients, encompassing product display, order management, and delivery. This tailor-made B2B solution was a testament to our commitment to facilitating seamless interactions with Coco Donuts' business clients and offered an elevated level of convenience for professional customers.

These highlights encapsulate the significant achievements in overcoming the challenges presented by Coco Donuts. The project's success was rooted in the ability to adapt and innovate within the Shopify platform, providing a robust solution that not only met but exceeded Coco Donuts' expectations.

Key Results and Metrics

Since its launch in January 2021, Coco Donuts' online presence has witnessed a remarkable growth trajectory, accumulating an impressive annual total of over 70,000 sessions.

This surge in online traffic underscores the resonance of their brand and the allure of their offerings, reaffirming their status as a sought-after destination for donut enthusiasts.

Furthermore, this increased online visibility has translated into a notable uptick in physical store visits, further solidifying their position as a favorite among local patrons.

Perhaps even more noteworthy is the sustained turnover that Coco Donuts has experienced. Their consistent revenue stream reflects the enduring appeal of their artisanal donuts and the efficacy of their online platform.

With a conversion rate exceeding 2.30%, it is evident that the customer journey has been thoughtfully optimized for a seamless and satisfying purchasing experience. This robust conversion rate underscores not only the clarity of the customer journey but also the website's capacity to translate visitor interest into actual sales.

Coco Donuts' online presence is not limited to individual customers alone. The website also serves as a captivating showcase, enticing a diverse range of clients. This led to the identification of a critical need: the creation of a dedicated space tailored to the unique requirements of professionals.

This newfound emphasis on serving the B2B sector is a testament to Coco Donuts' commitment to expanding their market reach and accommodating the diverse needs of both individual and business customers.

This dual focus showcases their adaptability and their readiness to take their brand to new heights in the digital landscape.

Testimonial from Chloé Sengier - CEO

“Working with has been an exceptional experience for us.

One aspect we particularly value is their unwavering commitment to customer support. The team has consistently proven to be available and responsive, readily addressing any questions or concerns we may have, whether they pertain to Shopify intricacies or potential bugs on our website.

Their support has been a cornerstone in ensuring that our online presence functions seamlessly. In the course of our collaboration, provided stellar supervision for our B2B project. This oversight was characterized by a meticulous, step-by-step approach tailored to our precise requirements.

Whether it was operational considerations, product creation, or customer account management, they aligned their efforts with our unique needs. The result is a solution that perfectly aligns with our business requirements and promises to significantly streamline our operations.

We are confident that it will swiftly enhance our workflow and make our daily processes considerably more efficient!”

Written by Morgane M.

Customer Succes, - Digital / Marketing / Shopify Agency in Brussels

Morgane M.

Morgane epitomizes what it means to be a Customer Success Specialist in a technologically driven, customer-centric organization. Her blend of competence, friendliness, problem-solving skills, and customer advocacy makes her an invaluable asset to and its customers.

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