Case Study

Peas & Love - From a Basic but Complicated Shopify to a Simplified One

Overview of the Merchant and Their Business

Peas & Love's mission is to make urban agriculture accessible and fair, fostering stronger community bonds in the process.

The project seeks to reintroduce the agricultural traditions of surrounding rural areas to urban neighborhoods.

By doing so, it revitalizes the connection between city dwellers and the food they consume, giving agriculture a meaningful voice in the heart of the city.

In 2020, Peas & Love sought a transformation, leading to their collaboration with our regular partner, The Good Com.

Recognizing the synergy between our expertise and The Good Com.'s insights, they entrusted us with the web aspect of their project.

Amidst evolving their business model and visual identity, Peas & Love required a state-of-the-art website to reflect their new mission.

Their existing Shopify site, primitive in e-commerce functionality, needed a complete overhaul.

Our joint endeavor with The Good Com. was aimed at crafting an online platform that would not only embody Peas & Love's ethos but also bolster their initiatives in urban agriculture, sustainability, and community engagement.

This case study illuminates the integral role our agency, in concert with The Good Com., played in actualizing Peas & Love's vision and amplifying their online presence

Logo of Peas & Love

Project & Challenge

Throughout our collaboration with Peas & Love, the scope of challenges and objectives shifted in response to the organization's relentlessly evolving needs and goals.

Initially, the project was centered around the development of a custom Shopify website. Each page of this website was meticulously designed and developed by our team.

Additionally, the focus was on creating an online marketplace for organic products sourced from their farmer partners' fields, ensuring proximity to the users' locations.

As Peas & Love's business continued to flourish, the challenges at hand began to transform. It became essential to adapt and enhance the existing solutions while simultaneously introducing new functionalities.

The primary aim was to centralize various aspects of their operations, including the sale of their products online. This involved not only offering organic goods but also facilitating subscriptions to shared vegetable gardens, allowing urban dwellers to participate in sustainable agriculture initiatives.

Furthermore, the platform needed to accommodate reservations for specialized workshops, making it a hub for knowledge-sharing and community engagement

This evolving project and its associated challenges reflected the multifaceted mission of Peas & Love. They were not just selling products; they were promoting urban agriculture, sustainability, and community-building.

Our collaboration involved creating a digital ecosystem that could effectively support and streamline these complex objectives.

Solutions to the Challenge

Leveraging Shopify's Versatility

Our approach to addressing the evolving challenges and requirements of Peas & Love was to continue using Shopify as the core solution. Shopify's internal interface provided a user-friendly platform that allowed us to centralize all essential information efficiently. It offered the ideal foundation to not only support the e-commerce aspects of Peas & Love's operations but also to manage the various components of their mission.

Custom Design for a Unified Identity

Recognizing the need to reflect Peas & Love's new visual identity and cater to the distinct sections of the website, we opted for a custom design. This customization allowed us to tailor the platform to the specific needs of each segment of the site. Whether it was the online sales section, workshop reservations, or the presentation of shared vegetable gardens with their unique formulas and harvest plans, the custom design ensured a cohesive and visually appealing digital representation.

Streamlining Data Access and Management

Peas & Love encountered challenges related to accessing data from different aspects of their business, including workshops, shared gardens, and the website itself. Managing these components through three separate interfaces proved to be impractical. To overcome this, we introduced Airtable as a data management solution. Airtable played a pivotal role in centralizing information from various sources and seamlessly integrating it into the Shopify interface. This integration provided each Shopify user with a comprehensive overview of the products and services purchased, streamlining data access and management for the Peas & Love team.
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Highlights of the Work Conducted

Design Excellence and Visual Identity

Our collaboration with Peas & Love encompassed a meticulous approach to design, leveraging Shopify's flexibility to propose a custom design for each page. From detailed explanatory diagrams to engaging animations, the goal was to seamlessly convey the new visual identity. Each section on the homepage was developed with clarity in mind, offering a snapshot of how Peas & Love's services operate. This design excellence aimed to make the platform visually appealing and user-friendly.

Enhancing Service Clarity and Attractiveness

The versatility of Shopify allowed us to introduce personalized pages, particularly for workshops and shared vegetable garden subscriptions. For workshops, we implemented a reservation system with details on days, times, and limited availability. Clear pages were created to showcase the three subscription options for shared vegetable gardens. Additionally, we established a blog to share company news and captivating recipe pages featuring market products. Later, we extended these services to B2B clients, enabling them to book seminar workshops and team-building activities.

Online Sales and Market Access

In setting up the online sales space for organic food products, we followed a systematic approach. We meticulously crafted product pages, ensuring each item was presented with compelling visuals and detailed descriptions. The user-friendly interface allowed seamless navigation through product categories, enabling customers to explore and purchase with ease. Additionally, the checkout process was optimized for a hassle-free and secure transaction experience. Although this functionality was later hidden to align with Peas & Love's evolving business model, the initial setup significantly contributed to a positive online shopping experience.

Smooth Migration and Improved Organization

During the transition from the old Shopify site, we ensured a seamless migration process. Customer accounts, orders, and all relevant data were meticulously transferred to the new platform. In addition to preserving existing functionalities, we took the opportunity to enhance collections pages and reorganize product listings, improving overall navigation and user experience. This migration not only safeguarded Peas & Love's historical data but also laid the foundation for a more organized and efficient online presence.

Data Centralization for Streamlined Operations

To enhance internal operations, we addressed the challenge of scattered data by centralizing information using Airtable. This solution proved pivotal, allowing us to consolidate data on product sales, subscription payments, and workshop details. An application was developed to feed this centralized data into the Shopify interface, simplifying the company's data management. Each user gained streamlined access to the desired information, contributing to a clearer and more efficient operational structure.

Key Results and Metrics

Impressive Growth in Turnover

The impact of the new online platform was immediately apparent, with the first year post-launch witnessing a remarkable surge in turnover. The numbers reflected a substantial 115% increase in revenue from 2020 to 2021. This tangible result highlighted the effectiveness of the collaborative efforts between Peas & Love and our Shopify agency in redefining their digital presence and expanding their reach.

Adaptability to Evolving Business Models

In the wake of the successful site launch, Peas & Love underwent significant business model shifts. Notably, the decision to withdraw the online market section marked a strategic pivot. This change reflected a deliberate shift away from online product sales, emphasizing a focus on alternative revenue streams, such as the opening of workshops to companies and professionals. The flexibility and adaptability of the website proved crucial in accommodating these transformations, showcasing the resilience of the digital solution we implemented.

Challenges Met with Agility

Measuring long-term results is often intricate, especially when internal changes within a company introduce complexities. Despite this challenge, the collaboration between Peas & Love and our Shopify agency stands as a testament to success. Our agility in adapting the site to each evolution in the business model demonstrated not only technical prowess but also a commitment to the client's dynamic vision. As a result, the collaboration became a cornerstone in the ongoing journey of Peas & Love, contributing to their mission of fostering urban agriculture, sustainability, and community engagement.

In Summary

Our partnership with Peas & Love led to the creation of a versatile and dynamic digital platform, mirroring the organization's evolving vision. This involved not only the intricate design of a bespoke Shopify site but also a smooth transition and the bolstering of their organizational framework.

The significant 115% increase in turnover in the first year is a testament to the tangible impact of our collaborative efforts. Our ability to adapt swiftly to changes in business models has been particularly gratifying. However, as Peas & Love faced the complexities of a rapidly changing business environment, the path to fostering urban agriculture, sustainability, and community engagement became increasingly challenging.

During this time, our role evolved into a more supportive capacity, helping them navigate through an unpredictable market. Despite their forward-thinking model, Peas & Love struggled with the demanding and intricate nature of the modern economic landscape. This critical phase in their journey tested their resilience and determination, as they endeavored to adapt and persevere.

Written by Morgane M.

Customer Succes, - Digital / Marketing / Shopify Agency in Brussels

Morgane M.

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