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Darling's Cupcakes - Shopify's Role in E-Commerce Growth

Overview of the Merchant and Their Business

In a twist of fate during a sidewalk sale at La Hulpe, Ghila's cupcakes serendipitously landed in the hands of a distributor, marking the humble beginnings of Darling's Cupcakes. What started as a passion project in Ghila's kitchen evolved into a global exploration of cupcakes, with stops in Berlin and Tel Aviv to validate the venture's authenticity and introduce unique flavors.

In 2015, Ghila took a bold step, leaving her career to establish the first workshop-boutique in Uccle—Darling’s Cupcakes. The focus was on quality, featuring lactose-free dough, no cooked animal fats, and unrefined cane sugar without additives. The success prompted further growth, with a second boutique in Brussels' Marolles district in 2018. The team expanded, offering not only cupcakes but also a diverse range of cakes for various occasions.

Darling's Cupcakes continues its journey, venturing into e-commerce in 2021. Our involvement began when we took over the website creation, addressing Ghila's dissatisfaction with the previous agency's design and timeline. Ghila turned to our expertise to revamp the site, providing a fresh, attractive platform for her cupcakes and cakes.

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Project & Challenge

The seemingly straightforward project presented itself with complexities beyond the surface. The objective at hand was to craft an e-commerce platform tailored for the sale of cakes, cupcakes, and personalized confections available for both collection and local delivery.

The primary challenge confronted by the team was twofold. Firstly, it involved the creation of an aesthetically pleasing design that not only captivated visitors but also facilitated a seamless and intuitive customer journey. Striking the right balance between visual appeal and user-friendliness became a paramount consideration.

Secondly, the intricacies extended to organizing information for an extensive array of products, each open to personalization in terms of taste, color, icing, or ganache. This demanded meticulous structuring of all customizable details on the website to ensure that customers could effortlessly navigate through the myriad options and make informed choices.

Solutions to the Challenge

Shopify: A Comprehensive E-Commerce Solution

The predefined solution to address the multifaceted challenge was Shopify, selected for its versatile capabilities. Shopify not only facilitates online sales but also accommodates collection points (stores) and local delivery—a perfect fit for Darling's Cupcakes.

Integrating Specialized Applications

To realize the vision of offering personalized cakes and cupcakes, two applications were strategically integrated into the Shopify platform. The first application empowers customers to seamlessly choose their preferred options directly on the website, streamlining the ordering process. The second application serves as a showcase gallery, allowing for the display of unique and bespoke creations, tailored to individual preferences and requirements.

Enhancing In-Store Operations: Shopify POS Integration

In conjunction with these integrations, we recommended Darling's Cupcakes opt for Shopify POS in-store, a decision that significantly contributed to bridging the gap between in-store and online sales. This integration empowered the Darling's Cupcakes teams with real-time data on best-selling products, turnover, and other critical metrics. The cohesive Shopify solution not only met the immediate needs of the e-commerce platform but also contributed to the optimization of business operations by providing valuable insights into sales performance.
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Highlights of the Work Conducted

Setting Up Shopify and Information Organization

The initial phase involved the meticulous setup of Shopify and the comprehensive organization of product information. Each product sheet underwent a detailed review, incorporating essential details such as descriptions, prices, SKUs, and additional information. The structured product sheets formed the foundation for constructing the site's navigation—a pivotal element in shaping the customer journey.

Iterative Navigation Refinement

The site's navigation underwent iterative refinement to ensure intuitiveness and effective highlighting of both cupcakes and cakes. The navigation structure incorporated themed categories such as birthdays, weddings, and baby showers, enhancing user engagement and desire.

Theme Design for Visual Appeal

The theme design adopted a visually pleasing palette of soft, pastel colors reminiscent of Ghila's cupcakes. The design featured a dynamic banner, adaptable to seasonal events (Halloween, Christmas, St. Nicholas), showcasing classic cupcakes and intricate cakes like unicorn cakes. The result was a vibrant yet balanced visual universe that captured attention without overwhelming.

Organizing Product Options with Customization

Significant effort was invested in organizing product options, achieved through collaboration with Ghila and the use of an application. A comprehensive classification of products, along with a detailed list of customization options—logo inclusion, ganache, icing, taste, color, etc.—formed the basis. The configured application successfully allowed customers to personalize cupcakes and cakes, some of which are exclusively available via quotation.

Creation of Event-themed Gallery for Quick Quotes

A dedicated gallery featuring special themes for events was created, allowing customers to click on images that linked directly to an email with a "Information request + model name." This streamlined the quoting process for both customers and the Darling's Cupcakes teams, enhancing efficiency.

Local Pick-Up & Delivery Application Implementation

While the Pick-up & Delivery application was pre-existing in the Shopify app store, our team facilitated the installation and set-up. Additionally, a custom counter interface was fully developed by our team, providing an overarching view for kitchen and store teams and facilitating efficient preparation planning.

Shopify POS Integration for Unified Sales Management

The final significant undertaking involved setting up Shopify POS in Darling's Cupcakes stores to centralize sales recording. This necessitated creating specific POS products (e.g., in-store-only drinks) and configuring the interface for sales teams. On-site training sessions were conducted at each store to ensure swift comprehension.

Empowering In-depth Sales Analytics

The culmination of these efforts empowered Ghila with detailed reports and analyses on sales. With a unified view of online and in-store turnovers, point-of-sale-specific figures, and best-selling products, Ghila gained comprehensive insights into her business performance, enhancing informed decision-making.

Key Results and Metrics

Launched in September 2021, the Darling's Cupcakes website quickly flourished, experiencing significant growth within its first year. This growth was notably marked by a substantial increase in online sales, particularly with personalized products making up a significant portion of these sales.

Despite the closure of one retail location in the subsequent year, Darling's Cupcakes continued to show robust financial health. The balance between online and in-store sales remained stable, with notable improvements in the conversion rate, reflecting enhanced efficiency and customer engagement.

The transformation brought about by these changes extended beyond financial metrics; it profoundly improved the operational dynamics of the team. Centralized information systems were integrated, optimizing the workflow for both the kitchen and shop staff, leading to greater overall efficiency.

Utilizing Shopify's analytical tools, Ghila gained valuable insights for making strategic business decisions. These tools helped in identifying best-selling products, optimizing pricing strategies, managing production volumes, and addressing various crucial business aspects, thereby ensuring adaptability and growth in a competitive market.


Through a partnership with, Darling's Cupcakes underwent a remarkable transformation, evolving from a local bakery to an innovative e-commerce and brick-and-mortar business. The adoption of Shopify played a key role in this evolution, not just boosting the business's financial growth but also enabling a smooth integration of online and physical store operations.

The closure of a physical store location in the following year did not deter the company's growth trajectory, as Darling's Cupcakes maintained its strong market presence and continued to see improvements in operational efficiency and conversion rates. This not only underscored the company's financial resilience but also significantly enhanced the team's workflow and cohesiveness.

This case highlights the transformative impact of technology, design, and collaboration on business evolution. Darling's Cupcakes emerges not just as a financial success story but as a model for businesses seeking to enrich customer experiences and navigate the complexities of both digital and traditional retail landscapes.

Testimonial from Ghila Weizman - Founder & Owner

Our challenge was to find a service provider who comprehends the intricacies of our product offerings and can deliver an ideal design for an optimized customer journey. After two unsuccessful attempts with another agency, we discovered the perfect fit with, particularly with Manon and Morgane. They took the time to listen, understand our products, challenges, and the presented goals.

Understanding the Customer Journey was paramount for us. With a range of products featuring extensive customization options—different sizes, numerous flavors, various icing and decoration choices, along with personalization options like age and first name—we are delighted with the final result. The site is user-friendly, simplifying the customer experience in product use and presentation.

The immediate boost in sales and the significant internal time savings were remarkable. Time that was previously spent on phone calls, manually noting down orders, and explaining options to customers is now better utilized.

Shopify plays a vital role in our site’s success: we can effortlessly add products, track orders, access valuable statistics, and manage a seamless delivery and pick-up system. This is seamlessly linked to the POS of our physical stores for optimal overall management. For instance, we discovered variations in bestsellers across different points of sale, allowing us to adapt our offerings and production accordingly.

Moreover, what sets apart is not just the robust platform but the accessibility and understanding of our dedicated interlocutor. It’s not just about fixing bugs; it’s about having someone who comprehends our products, understands how to sell them effectively, and can orchestrate an online experience that truly resonates with our brand and customers. This accessibility and responsiveness make our collaboration not just productive but also enjoyable.

Written by Morgane M.

Customer Succes, - Digital / Marketing / Shopify Agency in Brussels

Morgane M.

Morgane epitomizes what it means to be a Customer Success Specialist in a technologically driven, customer-centric organization. Her blend of competence, friendliness, problem-solving skills, and customer advocacy makes her an invaluable asset to and its customers.

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