Case Study

Dragon Diffusion - A Shopify Success Story

Overview of the Merchant and Their Business

Dragon Diffusion, a distinguished Belgian brand, specializes in the meticulous craftsmanship of woven leather bags and baskets. Established in 1985 by Craig Wright, the brand has cultivated a reputation for artisanal excellence.

Every Dragon Diffusion piece is meticulously handcrafted in their dedicated factory located in South India. This region, with its rich history of leather supply and a deep-seated tradition of hand-weaving dating back to the 1960s, has given rise to a highly specialized skill set.

The product range spans crossbody and shoulder bags, totes, and bucket bags, all featuring a collection of understated, plant-dyed colors that seamlessly complement every woman's year-round wardrobe. Prior to venturing into the realm of e-commerce, Dragon Diffusion predominantly relied on in-store sales and official reseller websites for distribution.

However, the brand suffered from a lack of effective communication, rendering it a well-kept secret known primarily to industry insiders.

Logo of Dragon Diffusion

Project & Challenge

When Dragon Diffusion approached our agency, they presented us with two primary objectives: first, to enhance the brand's online presence, and second, to boost their overall revenue.

The initial challenge was to build the brand's digital presence from the ground up. This encompassed everything from creating compelling content to devising an effective shipping strategy and implementing a user-friendly e-commerce platform, complete with a custom design.

To tackle this, our team needed to immerse themselves in Dragon Diffusion's ethos and operational methods. Given the brand's limited experience with e-commerce, it was crucial to deliver a solution that would be intuitive for them to manage, allowing for seamless order processing and access to critical website metrics.

Subsequently, a second challenge emerged: the automation of various processes to streamline order management and facilitate the seamless transfer of orders to the manufacturing facility. This step was pivotal in ensuring operational efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Solutions to the Challenge

In response to Dragon Diffusion's unique challenges and objectives, we devised a comprehensive solution that leveraged the capabilities of Shopify, a platform we are enthusiastic partners with due to its user-friendliness and flexibility. Our approach was centered around simplifying the e-commerce experience, optimizing order management, and enhancing overall brand visibility. Here's how we tackled the challenges.

Shopify E-commerce Solution

As staunch advocates of Shopify, we saw it as the ideal choice to meet Dragon Diffusion's requirements. Shopify is renowned for its ease of use, offering a user-friendly interface that allows for quick learning and seamless operation. This simplicity was crucial for Dragon Diffusion, ensuring they could efficiently manage their online store without extensive training.

Made-to-Order Sales Strategy

After thorough consultations with Dragon Diffusion, we recommended adopting a made-to-order sales strategy. This strategic shift not only minimized the need for maintaining a large inventory but also enabled the manufacturing facility to fulfill orders promptly without compromising on quality. This approach aligned perfectly with Dragon Diffusion's commitment to artisanal craftsmanship.

Integration and Connectivity, including Content Creation

To bolster Dragon Diffusion's online presence, we not only created engaging content for their social media platforms but also managed their campaign photos. This integration facilitated a cohesive brand identity across multiple platforms, expanding their reach to a broader audience.

Shipping and Tax Configuration

Enabling Global Reach: Shopify's user-friendly dashboard made configuring shipping and tax settings a breeze. This setup was essential as it allowed Dragon Diffusion to ship their handcrafted products worldwide with ease, seamlessly reaching customers in various locations.

Sales Analytics and Insights

One of the standout features of Shopify is its robust analytics and reporting capabilities. We utilize these tools to provide Dragon Diffusion with meticulous sales data, including product performance, conversion rates, and turnover over specific periods. This data-driven approach empowered Dragon Diffusion with a holistic view of their online sales, enabling them to make informed business decisions.

Automation via Tags for Efficient Order Management

To expedite order processing and ensure timely communication with the manufacturing facility, we established an automation system using tags. This system automatically generated emails specifying the bag to be made and the shipping destination, preventing delays and enhancing operational efficiency.

In summary, our solution was centered on Shopify's adaptable platform, which allowed us to address Dragon Diffusion's challenges comprehensively. Through strategic choices like made-to-order sales, seamless integration, streamlined logistics, and data-driven insights, we set the foundation for their successful foray into the world of e-commerce. This approach not only met their initial objectives but also paved the way for sustained growth and brand expansion.

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Highlights of the Work Conducted

Throughout our collaboration with Dragon Diffusion, we achieved significant milestones and implemented key solutions that contributed to the success of their e-commerce venture. Here are the highlights:

Timeless Visual Identity and Customer Journey

The choice of design for the e-commerce site extended beyond aesthetics; it was about crafting a visual identity that would stand the test of time. This design not only appealed to the eye but also played a pivotal role in navigating the customer's journey on the website, ensuring an engaging and seamless shopping experience.

Comprehensive Product Presentation

In the process of building Dragon Diffusion's Shopify site from scratch, the comprehensive product presentation emerged as a crucial element. These product sheets played a vital role in showcasing the unique characteristics, craftsmanship, and production timelines of each bag. This, in turn, enriched the customer's understanding and appreciation of the products.

Empowering Ease of Use with Shopify

Shopify's user-friendly platform played a pivotal role in our collaboration. Its ease of use empowered us to guide our client through crucial processes and decisions, enhancing their operational efficiency.

Streamlined Order Management and Shipping

Our daily involvement in order management and shipping processes was a critical aspect of our work. We implemented a comprehensive system to facilitate the seamless transfer of orders to the factory, ensuring that each order was meticulously communicated. This process not only saved time but also provided the opportunity to review and verify each order, ensuring accuracy and customer satisfaction.

Development of Order Automation Webapp

We developed a custom application using tags, automating the order transfer process. With this solution, for every order received on Shopify, an email with precise order details, including the model name, size, color, SKU, and shipping destination, was automatically sent to the production team. This innovation significantly reduced manual effort and improved order accuracy.

Efficient Order Shipping Process

In collaboration with the production team, we managed shipments originating from Brussels. This encompassed the generation of invoices, shipping labels, and order processing. We also streamlined the manufacturing process to optimize bag packaging, ensuring safe and secure delivery to customers.

Customer Service Excellence

Ensuring a seamless customer experience from start to finish was a top priority. We actively supported Dragon Diffusion in developing and managing their customer service. This included the creation of email templates categorized by common queries and the establishment of reference tables for returns and repair requests. Customer inquiries were efficiently handled through email and Instagram messaging, further enhancing customer satisfaction.

In summary, our work with Dragon Diffusion extended beyond the initial launch of their e-commerce site. It encompassed a holistic approach that covered design, product presentation, operational efficiency, order automation, shipping optimization, and top-tier customer service. These highlights not only reflect our dedication to achieving outstanding results but also demonstrate our commitment to supporting Dragon Diffusion's growth and success in the world of e-commerce.

Key Results and Metrics

The collaborative efforts between Dragon Diffusion and our digital agency have yielded significant results and metrics that underscore the success of our partnership. Here are the key outcomes:

Impressive Revenue Growth

Since its launch in March 2021, Dragon Diffusion's online visibility and turnover have witnessed a remarkable upward trajectory. By the end of 2022, the brand achieved a substantial 75% increase in online turnover compared to the previous year. In October 2023, Dragon Diffusion had already surpassed the turnover figure for the entire previous year. These numbers reflect a remarkable boost in the brand's revenue, signaling its thriving online presence.

Enhanced Visibility and Collaboration

Dragon Diffusion's visibility in the market has also seen a substantial upswing. The brand's online presence doubled the requests for collaboration from resellers, underscoring its growing reputation and appeal within the industry.

Organic Instagram Growth

Since its e-commerce site launch, Dragon Diffusion has organically amassed an impressive following of 43,000 followers on Instagram. Notably, this achievement has been realized without resorting to paid advertising or influencer collaborations, aligning with the brand's strategic direction.

Robust Website Traffic

Dragon Diffusion's e-commerce site has attracted a robust yearly total of 267,484 sessions in 2022, reflecting the brand's strong online presence and engagement with its target audience.

Future Growth Strategies

The future growth of the brand and our collaboration will revolve around improving production monitoring and the implementation of Google advertising. These strategic steps are poised to further enhance Dragon Diffusion's reach and profitability.

In summary, the remarkable results achieved in Dragon Diffusion's case can be attributed, in part, to the pivotal role played by Shopify. Its user-friendly interface, ease of handling, and design flexibility allowed us to focus on other critical aspects of the brand's growth journey and streamline various internal processes. The impressive growth in online turnover, enhanced visibility, substantial Instagram following, and robust website traffic demonstrate the effectiveness of our collaborative efforts in transforming Dragon Diffusion into a thriving e-commerce brand.

Testimonial from Craig Wright - CEO

“WTB's team, with their expertise in Shopify, content creation, social media, email marketing, and customer service, has significantly transformed our business, enhancing sales and customer satisfaction.

From creating a timeless visual identity to streamlining internal processes, WTB's strategic guidance has been invaluable. Shopify, expertly harnessed by WTB, has streamlined our operations, allowing us to focus on growth.

Their ingenious automation solutions have optimized our order management, ensuring precision and efficiency. In the realm of customer service, WTB's support has provided immense value.

I wholeheartedly recommend WTB to any organization seeking to enhance their e-commerce and digital marketing strategies. Their expertise and dedication have truly transformed our business.”

Written by Morgane M.

Customer Succes, - Digital / Marketing / Shopify Agency in Brussels

Morgane M.

Morgane epitomizes what it means to be a Customer Success Specialist in a technologically driven, customer-centric organization. Her blend of competence, friendliness, problem-solving skills, and customer advocacy makes her an invaluable asset to and its customers.

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