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Monthly Revenue: 5000€
Average Order Value: 50€




Billed yearly

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  • 125€ (Shopify Payment Fee)
  • 0€ (3rd-Party Payment Fees)
  • 0€ (3rd-Party Transaction Fee)
  • 125€ (Monthly Fees Total)
  • 1788€ (Yearly Fees Total)
  • 60000€ (Yearly Revenue)
  • 2.98% (% of Yearly Revenue)
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Billed yearly

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  • 115€
  • 0€
  • 0€
  • 115€
  • 2208€
  • 60000€
  • 3.68%




Billed yearly

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  • 81€
  • 0€
  • 0€
  • 81€
  • 4428€
  • 60000€
  • 7.38%

Shopify Plus



Billed monthly

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Shopify Plus is distinct in its ability to cater to the unique needs of large enterprises, both in terms of scalability and advanced features.

The choice between Shopify Plus and other Shopify plans should be based on your business size, sales volume, growth trajectory, and specific e-commerce requirements.

Features Basic Shopify Advanced
Staff Accounts 2 5 15
Reports Basic Standard Advanced
3rd-party Calculated Shipping Rates No No Yes
*European Credit Cards Rates 2% + 0.25€ 1.8% + 0.25€ 1.6% + 0.25€
International/Amex Credit Cards Rates 3.2% + 0.25€ 3% + 0.25€ 2.9% + 0.25€
Bancontact Rates 0% + 0.39€ 0% + 0.39€ 0% + 0.39€
IDEAL Rates 2% + 0.25€ 1.8% + 0.25€ 1.6% + 0.25€
No Shopify Payment Fee 2% 1% 0.5%
Customs Fess & Import Taxes No No Yes
  • Benefits of Shopify Payment

    Seamless Integration

    Integrates directly with your Shopify store, offering a unified dashboard for efficient order and payment management.


    Lower fees than many third-party providers, eliminating extra transaction fees charged for using external gateways.

    Enhanced Customer Experience

    Provides a seamless checkout process and supports multiple payment methods, ensuring high transaction security.

    Core Benefits Across All Plans

    Each Shopify plan is designed to empower your business, offering key features that meet your needs. Still have questions or need personalized advice? Our support team is just an email away. Contact us at [email protected], and we'll assist you promptly.

    Online Store
    Launch an online store with Shopify's reliable e-commerce platform.
    Unlimited Products
    Add an unlimited number of products to your store.
    Support Available at Any Time
    Shopify support is available at any time, regardless of your subscription plan.
    Sales Channels
    Promote and sell your products across multiple sales channels, such as online marketplaces and social media.
    1 Hydrogen Online Store
    Create a custom sales interface with Shopify's React-based framework and deploy it for free using the integrated Oxygen hosting.
    Inventory Locations
    Track inventory, process orders, and sell products from multiple locations (up to 1000), including physical retail stores, warehouses, pop-up shops, and more.
    Manual Order Creation
    Create new orders and enter payment information directly in your Shopify admin interface.
    Discount Codes
    Offer your customers a fixed or percentage discount, or a discount on shipping fees on products or collections of your choice.
    Free SSL Certificate
    Shopify provides free SSL certificates to encrypt your online store's content and ensure its secure publication.
    Abandoned Cart Recovery
    Automatically send emails to customers who leave your store without completing the checkout process.
    Gift Cards
    Offer gift cards to expand your customer base and attract new buyers.
    Customer Segmentation
    Filter and group customers into hundreds of segments.
    Marketing Automation
    Create customized automations to engage with your customers at each step of their journey.
    Unlimited Contacts
    Add an unlimited number of contacts to your Shopify account.
    E-commerce Automations
    Automate manual tasks, create workflows, and grow your business with the first platform that integrates e-commerce automation.
    Import Orders from Marketplaces
    Import orders from marketplaces to Shopify without any limits.
    Connect and List Products
    Connect and list your Shopify products across all supported marketplaces.
    First 50 Orders Synced on Shopify
    Each month, your first 50 orders made on marketplaces from Shopify synced lists are free.
    More Than 50 Orders Synced on Shopify
    After the first 50 orders made from Shopify synced lists, a transaction fee of 1% is charged up to a maximum of $99 per month on additional orders.
    Fraud Analysis
    When using Shopify Payments, you automatically benefit from an integrated fraud analysis feature. This function detects potentially fraudulent orders and alerts you.
    International Market Management
    Set geographic zones for your markets to offer a localized shopping experience to customers in different regions.
    Market Domains and Subfolders
    Assign custom web addresses to your markets to optimize search result display, and automatically redirect customers to the correct domain based on their market location.
    Multi-Language Translation
    Translate your store into multiple languages to offer a familiar shopping experience to customers across different markets.
    Currency Conversion
    Automatically convert prices to your customer's local currency to boost conversion rates in each market (requires Shopify Payments).
    Local Payment Methods
    Set local payment methods that will automatically be displayed to customers who access the checkout page on specific markets (requires Shopify Payments).
    Market-Specific Product Pricing
    Control your international pricing strategy by setting determined prices for the products or product variants you offer for sale in each market.
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